The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (4k)

The true story of a Bohemian St. Francis and his remarkable relationship with a flock of wild red-and-green parrots. Mark Bittner, a dharma bum*, former street musician in San Francisco, falls in with the flock as he searches for meaning in his life, unaware that the wild parrots will bring him everything he needs. 

*Dharma bum (per Gary Snyder): “A homeless seeker of truth”

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Film Information

Directed by Judy Irving
83 minutes

Selected Reviews

“A thoroughly absorbing portrait of one man’s
discipline and commitment — and, yes, spiritual
transformation….Quite simply, a beautiful film,
in both form and content. You’ll laugh. You’ll
cry. And your heart is guaranteed to soar.”

— Washington Post

“You might even begin reconsidering your relationship with the animal
kingdom and questioning the distance you put between yourself and nonhuman species.”

  — New York Times

“It is the emotional intensity of Bittner’s experiences with parrots, experiences so strong and moving that he himself wonders ‘how do you get so attached to an animal?’ that form one of the keys to Wild Parrots’ appeal.”