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The Situation


Shadow Distribution is proud to present the US theatrical release of THE SITUATION, a film by Philip Haas, starring Connie Nielsen (GLADIATOR, BROTHERS), Damian Lewis (KEANE, BAND OF BROTHERS), and Mido Hamada. After its World Premiere as the Opening Night Film at the Hamptons Film Festival in October, 2006, THE SITUATION will be released theatrically on February 2, 2007 at the Lincoln Plaza and at the Angelika Film Center in NYC. The film will open at the Arclight Theater in Los Angeles on Feb. 9; other cities will follow.

Combining elements of thriller, romance, and war movie, THE SITUATION, set exclusively in Iraq, and the first U.S. feature film to deal with the occupation, dramatizes one of the countless human stories that lie behind the headlines of the current war.


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