Educational Resources

This page is designed to promote the use of film for educational purposes for both grades 9-12 and college level courses. Below are some resources that will help educators gather and process information about our films.

To Buy or Rent a Film

Shadow will guarantee the availability of films for educational use. Please contact us to buy or rent one of these films. DVD, VHS, and 35mm prints available.  Special appearances by filmmakers and cast may be available upon request.

Study Guides

  • Shadow’s study guides include many tools to aid in understanding our films:
  • Comprehensive background resources for each film
  • Information about the geography, history and cultural setting of the film
  • Character guides and vocabulary list
  • Director’s statement and biography
  • A guide to filmmaking techniques
  • Lessons plans tailored to each film, including theme-based discussion questions, and creative exercises.
  • Additional resource links for each film
The Beauty Academy of Kabul The Beauty Academy of Kabul

What happens when a group of hairdressers from America travel to Kabul with the intention of telling Afghan women how to do hair and makeup? This engaging, optimistic documentary tracks a unique development project: a shiny new beauty school, funded [&hellip

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The Situation The Situation

Shadow Distribution is proud to present the US theatrical release of THE SITUATION, a film by Philip Haas, starring Connie Nielsen (GLADIATOR, BROTHERS), Damian Lewis (KEANE, BAND OF BROTHERS), and Mido Hamada. After its World Premiere as the Opening Night [&hellip

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Yang Ban Xi Yang Ban Xi

History changes all the time. What is good today can be considered bad tomorrow. During the ten years of Cultural Revolution, traditional opera was banned by Mao’s wife Jiang Qing, and replaced by a new kind of art in which [&hellip

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