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Touch the Sound


Evelyn Glennie is a Grammy-winning classical percussionist whose solo work is unrivalled. She is also deaf. For Evelyn, sound is palpable and rhythm is the basis of everything. Without vibration, there is nothing. From silence to music, sound is felt through every sense in our bodies. Director Thomas Riedelsheimer (RIVERS AND TIDE: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY WORKING WITH TIME) maps a world of senses, of transcendent images and evocative sounds, following Evelyn and her remarkable story through California, New York, England and her native Scotland. Original music by Glennie and Fred Frith.

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About the Director

Born September 1963; studied at the Academy for Film and Television in Munich (1984-1991); since 1986 free-lance author, director and cameraman in Germany and abroad (Somalia, Tanzania, South Africa, New Zealand, Latvia, Russia, Tibet,
Nepal, Japan, Canada, Scotland, etc.); lecturer at seminars on cinematography at the Film Academy in Munich; own equipment: camera crane, steadicam, lights;
camera work on 16mm, S16mm and 35mm, as well as on Beta SP and DigiBeta.
Pre 2001: production work for Riedelsheimer Dokumentarfilm 2001 to present:
director of the film production company Filmquadrat, with partners Stefan Tolz and Thomas Wartmann.