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Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie


In Canada, David Suzuki is pretty much an icon: a household name synonymous with nature and science, best known as the host of the long-running CBC TV show “The Nature of Things” and as a pioneering and passionate environmentalist. Although he is a tad less well known here south of the border, he may be the most inspiring, charming, eloquent, compelling voice for environmental sanity in the world today. At the age of 75, he shows no signs of slowing down. By all measures David Suzuki is extraordinary, and you can’t help but wish that everyone cared about the earth as much as he does—and that everyone could see Force of Nature because watching this film might make them care as much as he does. But what drove him to become the phenomenon he is? This engrossing documentary guides us through his life and reveals the key events and people that shaped him. The occasion for the film is Suzuki’s return to the University of British Columbia to deliver his legacy lecture to a sold-out audience. Director Sturla Gunnarsson interweaves Suzuki’s stirring and insightful address with candid interviews to create a captivating portrait of a man whose essential decency speaks volumes about the beauty of the planet he’s trying so hard to save.



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Dear Humans: The Planet Needs Your Help, NYT Review by Stephen Holden

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