Film Type: Biography, Drama


Edvard Munch


Oscar-winning director Peter Watkins’ powerful masterpiece exploring the intertwined life and art of the celebrated painter of “The Scream”, returns in a restored new 35 mm print. “As powerful, thoughtful and revelatory as anything you’ll see this year, “Edvard Munch” stands as one of a tiny number of films about artists that are themselves masterpieces” (Jason Anderson, Toronto Eye).

Watkins and his cast–improvising from the details of Munch’s life– created an almost overwhelming portrait of not just Munch’s life, but that of 19th century Scandinavian society, a society whose beauty and horror were reflected–much to its consternation – in the artist’s work. The film, originally released in 1976, emerges anew as “the cinema’s most intelligent attempt to probe and dramatize the mind and methods of a great artist,” as Newsweek’s Jack Kroll put it. “As portraits of artists as young and disturbed geniuses go, Edvard Munch is much more than a biopic; it’s a revolutionary look at the art of creation and its aftershocks that’s easily without equal.” (Time Out New York)



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